Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

Have a few questions about our process and what it’s like doing business with us? You’ve come to the right spot!

If the list below doesn’t help you, feel free to contact us!

Do you pack up equipment?

We do! Our reps will come to your site prepared with all the proper packing equipment to haul your equipment away. We either take the equipment with us, or arrange for a freight company to pick it up. You don’t have to lift a finger!

Do you install new equipment?

Yes! All of our reps are very well versed in all types of medical devices. We have the properly equipped staff to go on site to medical facilities and install brand new equipment. We will even pack up the old and move it out while we are there.

Can you train on the usage of medical equipment?

Yes, of course! Our experienced technicians can provide training for new equipment for anyone who desires training.

When do we get paid?

Payment terms are agreed prior to the equipment pick up. Common terms are:

  • Pre-pay (we bring a check with us)
  • Bank wire
  • Money is sent once functionality is checked at our facility (net terms)

Can I get a quote for other equipment I want to sell when you’re on site?

AA would love to inspect and give you an on the spot quote for any equipment you are interested in selling.

What happens if the equipment is broken?

Unless otherwise stated, we assume all of the equipment is in good working condition and patient ready.  Depending on original terms of the deal, we may subtract the cost of repair from our original offer.

How long does a pick up take?

Each pick up will range in time from 1 hour to all day depending on quantity and location of equipment. Our goal is to make the pick up go as quickly and efficiently as possible.

What happens if equipment is missing at the pick up?

Our purchasing team will simply subtract the missing items cost from the original purchase order.  We can then either email you another updated check or send via bank wire the corrected account.

Does someone have to stay with the AA rep during the pick up?

Depending on your facility’s security policy, our rep’s might need authorized personnel to grant access to specific parts of the building. AA reps are very professional and do not need supervision to pack and haul away equipment.

Does AA need access to shipping docks?

Access to the shipping dock greatly improves our ability to quickly and proficiently pack and remove all equipment from your facility. Contact your AA rep to discuss specific details regarding your specific pick up.

Who disposes of the boxes or trash left behind from a pick up?

That’s also us! We do ask that trash receptacles, dumpsters and recycling bins are made available to us so that we have the means to clean up after ourselves.